Kristina Spaulding

Licensed Denturist Kristina Spaulding started working in the dental field as a dental assistant in 2004 after she graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta Bangor Campus. She worked for a pediatric dentist in Bangor, Maine for 5 years. She then, for 13 years, worked alongside Dr. Robert Erickson (now retired). After graduating from the American Denturist College with a degree in Denturism, Kristina has spent years helping patients achieve the smile they deserve. She performs all patient contact at Bangor Denture.

C. Erickson

Received degree in Denturism from The American Denturist School. He began learning all aspects of denture fabrication and repairs in his father's office from a young age. For the last 10 years, he took an active role in patient care as a dental assistant and worked and led the in-house Lab while ultimately working towards a degree in Denturism. His emphasis is running the laboratory at Bangor Denture.

Kaylie French

Has worked in the dental laboratory for Dr. Erickson's old office for a number of years as a laboratory technician. She brings her experience to the in-house denture lab here at Bangor Denture and is a talented hand in the fabrication of our dentures. She is also our primary denture repair artist.