The silver package is our standard denture, there are no shortcuts like jumping your existing dentures nor are there any cheap materials used in the fabrication of the denture. Each denture is custom made to fit the bite and shape of your mouth.


The gold package has certain upgrades. This package uses a more characterized tooth, sculptured denture base (gums) and a dual step impression using a custom impression tray.


Our best denture.

The upper denture has a custom cast metal palate that offers unparalleled strength and comfort. Made of the same metal that is found in partial dentures, it can be made very thin on the roof of the mouth making the denture less bulky and smoother to the tongue. The lower denture has a cast metal reinforcement for much greater strength.

  1. A facebow is used to align the bite to your temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) for as best a fit as possible.
  2. Injected acrylic base to the denture for added strength and realism
  3. Portrait IPN Teeth. Most dentures use teeth that are the same color throughout. Portrait denture teeth are custom shaded, shaped, and characterized gum to tip and from tooth to tooth. THE REALISM IS INCREDIBLE!!!
  4. The denture is set up for processing on a highly adaptable semi-adjustable articulator.
  5. Customization of the base (gum area) of the denture.
  6. Two successive impressions to get the best fit possible using a custom fabricated and unique to the shape of your mouth impression tray.
  7. The time you are in the office is usually our last appointment of the day so we can run over the allotted time if extra time is needed to make your denture as perfect as we can.
  8. It generally takes 3 or 4 extra visits to get the denture to you. The extra time is for the extra options.